About me and this blog

There are two Me: the Real Me and the Writer Me. Jay P. Brass is the Writer Me. He doesn’t fully exist yet. He is still in gestation. This blog is its womb, and my attempts at writing are the nutrients that will make him grow.

As the Real Me, I have a pretty decent life. I’m a Canadian francophone, in my mid-thirties, from Montreal but now living in exile. I have a wonderful fiancée, good friends, though many are far, and a great family. For fun I read, a lot, I watch movies, tv series, some sports, I eat, I play boardgames and card games and videogames. I have a good, often interesting, and well-paid job as a policy analyst in the public service, and no real problems.

Except for this worm of professional dissatisfaction that is eating at me. I fear I’m on the wrong path. I’ve been saying most of my life that I would like to write, but I never do. I constantly think of stories and characters, yet never put them to the page. Creating world and stories is what I love, while my current career fails to draw me in. I do not want to wake up one day and say “I should have tried to write.”

So, I’ve decided to give myself a kick in the butt and write. This blog chronicles my attempts to do so. It is my commitment to myself and the Universe, a public ledger to hold myself accountable. It’s also good practice, and hopefully a way to receive feedback and improve.

Jay P. Brass is my alter ego, the Me that actually writes. As a pen name, I agree it could be better, but it is close to the real thing, and I did not want to roam too far. It will be adequate.


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